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The Bucks County Lacrosse Coaches Alliance was formed in 2020 by a core of area coaches and teammates during Covid - our idea was simple - to help under-funded lacrosse programs in and around our area.  Our goal is to support various programs through financial and equipment donations that you make possible, so they may in-turn continue to equip their players and grow the game.

With this in mind, the tournament has been designed as a fun and competitive way to help these programs while playing the sport that we love.

With your help these past two years, we have donated thousands of dollars to various clubs around the Bucks County and Central New Jersey region.

Help us keep it going and make 2022 our biggest year ever with your registration and donations.  Bring a friend and let’s have some fun!

The Coaches of the BCLCA


Our tournament is a little different than others you may have played in.

There are NO team entries.  You enter as an individual, and are entered into the draft by the participating goalies, during Draft Night.

Selections are based on a knowledge of your game, your reputation, your age, and the skills ratings you entered when you entered your Player Profile. We make the teams as even as possible based on age, skill set, and knowledge of your play from our panel of coaches and keen senses. Teams are drafted as evenly as possible. 

To date, the draft process has gone very well, and the resulting games are highly competitive.

It's a great way to meet and compete with guys you've never crossed paths with or played next to. You could be playing on a team with a former Professional Goalie,  a Syracuse Defender, or an All-American attackman back in the 80's.

It's all for the love of the game and nothing more, and a great opportunity to give back to our game in a meaningful way.

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